Spring Semester Let's Talk, Drop-in Mental Health Visits Begin

Increasing access to key mental health services is a top priority for the Pat Walker Health Center's Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS).

Let's Talk is a CAPS outreach that offers students convenient access to brief informal consultations with a licensed mental health clinician at different sites across campus.

骚姑娘视频Let's Talk was designed to reach more students in distress, especially those who could benefit from mental health resources. The informal outreach program provides students the chance to meet one-on-one with a licensed mental health professional for brief, informal consultations at two different sites on campus.

骚姑娘视频"During 'Let's Talk' consultations, we can help students with specific problems and provide insight to what it's like to speak with a counselor," "said Kendra Glasper, LCSW, CAPS outreach coordinator. "With the demand for rapid access and general mental health services increasing on college campuses, 'Let's Talk' brings helpful resources right to our students."

Let's Talk Location & Times

  • Tuesdays – 2-4 p.m. – Gearhart Hall 206 - Graduate Student Lounge
  • Wednesdays – 1-3 p.m. – Leflar Law Center - Atrium

Consultations are free, no appointment is necessary, and students are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Why visit Let's Talk?

骚姑娘视频Any student can take advantage of a Let's Talk consultation, but it's best for students who:

  • Are unsure about counseling or want to see what it's like to speak with a mental health clinician;
  • Want mental health expertise, but are not interested in ongoing counseling;
  • Have a specific problem/concern and would like to talk it through with someone; or
  • Have a concern about a friend or family member and would like ideas about what to do.

At the U of A, the most common reasons students seek CAPS services are for anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and academic struggles.

How is Let's Talk Different from formal counseling?

骚姑娘视频Even though Let's Talk clinicians are licensed mental health professionals, this program should not be considered a substitute for individual counseling or other mental health treatment.

Let's Talk counselors can also help students decide whether formal counseling at CAPS would be more beneficial and impactful.

骚姑娘视频"We want to create an environment on campus where students feel empowered to discuss mental health concerns and needs," said Glasper. "We encourage all students to drop by and talk about what's important to them."

骚姑娘视频All Let's Talk consultations are confidential, and mental health records will be taken in accordance with state and federal laws and privacy rights.

骚姑娘视频Learn about Let's Talk and other great CAPS resources!


Zac Garrett Brown, assistant director of communications
Pat Walker Health Center


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