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Intercollegiate Athletics

Sports fans rejoice. We have 19 teams competing at the highest level of NCAA competition in the SEC, arguably the nation's elite athletic conference. That equates to more than 200 sporting events on campus every year and at least 200 opportunities to call the Hogs! We also offer everything you could want in club sports and recreational activities. Check out the University Recreation links below.

The Razorbacks

Razorback Football

Our Razorbacks don't just represent the University of Arkansas – they are the pride of an entire state. Generations of students, alumni, fans, and entire families are all connected by their love of the Razorbacks. With 43 national championships and counting, what's not to love?

骚姑娘视频We live for game day. ‘Calling the Hogs’ with thousands of your closest friends is part of the experience. The Hog Call is one of most unique and most recognizable chants in all of sports. And it’s loud, really loud.

骚姑娘视频Simply put, there are dozens of Lions, Tigers and Bears, but in all of college athletics there is only one Razorback. is your source for Razorback news, information and features about the student-athletes and coaches we love to support.

Game Day Guides

骚姑娘视频Ready for game day? These will make sure you are.


骚姑娘视频You need these to get in. by sport.

Game Gear

Stock up on Razorback gear or .



Learn how to call the Hogs and find out about a few other U of A traditions骚姑娘视频 we've grown fond of during the past 140 years.

University Recreation

University Recreation

 provides a wide array of recreational facilities and opportunities on campus. UREC even has a one-stop shop for exploring some of the nation's best outdoor amenities and most spectacular hiking trails – all within a short drive from campus.

骚姑娘视频The 225,000 sq. ft. Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) building is the largest recreation facility in the area. In addition to the HPER building, the university community has access to a new state-of-the-art fitness center located in the Arkansas Union. And that's just the beginning of what has to offer.

Fitness and Wellness
Up for Zumba, personal training or a massage? You'll find a wide variety of , and , all promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Intramural Sports
More than 4,500 students participate in more than 30 every year, organized into team sports, dual sports, and individual sports. Sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, softball, sand volleyball, dodgeball, and many more.

Club Sports
allow you to find others that share a common interest in a specific sport while also enjoying the benefits of a group or club experience. Clubs include ballroom dancing, bass fishing, ice hockey, water skiing, and even quidditch.

UREC Outdoors
骚姑娘视频 through diverse clinics, adventure activities, and trips in the region and across the country. To get you ready, a bouldering wall, climbing wall, bike shop, and equipment rental services are offered on campus.